BuildProfessional Framework

Strategic Development Tools for Business Applications.

XML, Web Services, Windows Application, and Web Applications: Most modern rapid application development environments tout them. However, no matter how impressive the features, the bottom-line issues are still the same:

  • Team Development. Can the development environment be used by multiple project teams on diverse systems? Does it offer everything needed to build complete, enterprise-level applications for use in mixed environments?
  • Life Cycle. How much development time is involved? Do the tools minimize life-cycle costs and maximize programmer efficiency without sacrificing power?
  • Enterprise Deployment. Is the code scalable and portable across different platforms? Is the application easy to deploy, maintain, and change?

What all this requires is an environment that provides power with control and ease-of-use with scalability. BuildProfessional offers both. It is a fully integrated, completely portable system that enables developers to seamlessly deploy client/server, XML service or web applications. It is an enterprise-level tool that acts and looks like the resulting applications. With the sophistication to create a 1,000-user system that is also suitable for a workgroup or a remote office. Perhaps most important, all the work can be accomplished in one shared environment, using exactly the same code simultaneously across interfaces and platforms.


Power and Performance for Building Complete Applications.

BuildProfessional is uniquely suited for the actual development of complete applications, as opposed to single-purpose web development or scripting tools and more limited products that require C or Java subroutines, database stored procedures, and other time-consuming, inefficient steps that are complex to maintain. Developers can write back-end programs while processing and manipulating data, in addition to writing, editing, and processing the lines of code in a structured language that uses component based graphical tools. Data is read from databases into XML, processed by high level logic, and transformed for use in XML service replies, web interfaces or Windows controls.


A Very Functional, Component Based Environment.

BuildProfessional's interface supports native Windows graphical standards while sharing functionality with web based interfaces. The Developer processes components hosted by an XML repository service to maximize functionality and flexibility. The tools are very easy to use, with powerful commands for rapid screen and database definition. Add field definitions on the fly, then store them as reusable components. Test the results individually as you build.


Portability across Existing Platforms.

Applications within BuildProfessional are entirely transportable to major hardware and software environments. In fact, BuildProfessional offers every conceivable way of running a program in mixed networks of PCs or browsers with Windows, Linux and UNIX servers or clusters. This includes a fat or thin Windows client, browser, standalone Windows or a as XML services - even different hardware architectures or data structures, including flat and indexed files and several relational databases. Whether an application is intended for a three-user site or 1,000 users or more, BuildProfessional provides all-important flexibility in deployment decisions which are all handled automatically by the system without changes in code.