Frequently Asked Questions - BuildProfessional Troubleshooting

BuildProfessional FAQ on Troubleshooting and other relevant issues.

Windows Installation

BuildProfessional for Windows Installation FAQ

Check buildpro/tmp directory for webapimanager.log and xdev_err.txt to detemine problem.

Check Windows Registry (run regedit.exe) and make sure ConfigPath points to the correct path to the location of webapimanager.ini.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/TODAY Systems, Inc./BuildProfessional Web-API/ConfigPath

The ConfigPath determines the location of webapimanager.ini which in turn provides the configurations for the Web-API Manager.

If ConfigPath is set correctly, will always place log messages in webapimanager.log.

Test the connection with by running a status request from webapiclient.exe:

webapiclient.exe -s > status.xml

Open the status.xml in Internet Explorer or other editor to view the details. In the default setup there should be an "xdev" service.

Note. To check a server different from localhost, edit "host" in webapiclient.ini.

If your PC does not have IIS installed, you will need to change the file xdevProfile_user.xml. Change the XMLServer reference to c:\buildpro\web\bpxml (or the equivalent of your install directory).

Background: Certain xml resource files are required by the Developer. These are installed in c:\buildpro\web\bpxml. On Windows, the installation will create a virtual directory called bpxml via IIS to this path. On Linux systems, the virtual path must be created manually.

In a team environment, you will only need one bpxml resource on your LAN. Point all Developer profiles to this common bpxml resource. Example:


While too slow for daily work, you could also point to the TODAY Systems public bpxml resource:


Linux Installation

BuildProfessional for Linux Installation FAQ

Check buildpro/tmp directory for webapimanager.log and xdev_err.txt to detemine problem.

You could be out of message queues. Run "ipcs -q" and "ipcrm msg [msgid]" to remove unused message queues.

Make sure that todayx binaries have been licensed (try running bin/todayx by itself)

Incorrect permission on one or several files. These could be in buildpro/sfiles, buildpro/tmp, /tmp or /usr/tmp. This could occur if webapimanager was previously started as 'root'.

Running Developer (xdev)

Running the BuildProfessional 'xdev' Developer FAQ

The Developer Client has timed out waiting for a request to be processed. The maximum time for the a request on a remote server is 60 seconds. To run larger requests, use the internal service (which has no timeouts).

The Developer Service is running on a different user profile than a foreground user. By default it is run as "system" and should be changed under Control Panel / Services / Properties. Make sure the user running the Web-API Service has access to the database.

This error could be due to application or version definition corruption on the Repository (sfiles). Please e-mail the file created in the temp directory to support@todaysystems.com for help in determining the corruption.

Background: View the bad reply file in an XML editor. One of the application or version definitions will be corrupt. This will either be detected by the XML editor or by viewing the property values. The CenturyBase is a good place to look (it should be 1982).

The application or version definition will need to be deleted. Use commands similar to the following:

archive -czsv4 -fsave.tdy -aappn

archive -dv4 -aappn

(go to administ and re-create the version or application)

archive -xsv4 -fsave.tdy