Quotation File Format



The OCS applications have the ability to send out quotations electronically to a supplier and to also import the supplier responses to these quotations. To do this the quotation file must be in a certain format. This format could be provided by the supplier or may have to be converted using a conversion tool/script/program. 

This document only deals with the format of the quotation file, not the Quotation functionality.

Interface Script

The Quotation import and export screens can call a user defined script/program per supplier to automatically do a conversion from the supplier format to the OCS format. The script/program can also copy or move the file to the Data Area on the server ready for the import. The script should also backup the file in case later inspection is required. The backup will also allow the responses to be re-imported or the quotation resent to the supplier.

The script/program can also do more advanced tasks such as retrieving or sending the file from/to a mail server so that the process of sending and receiving quotations can be fully automated without manual user intervention.

Quotation File Format

The quotation file format follows the standard OCS file format guidelines. Refer to the "OCS Standard File Format Guidelines" knowledge base article for this information. NOTE: The Comma Delimited (CSV) format is not currently available.

Comment lines begin with a # symbol.

Unless otherwise indicated all fields left justified, alphanumeric and are mandatory. Fields indicated numeric are Right Justified and the length includes the number of decimal places and the decimal point. All date fields are in the format CCYYMMDD. All fields are uppercase characters (OCS will convert them to uppercase without reporting an error if required).

The format of the file is:

Field Length Comments
LineNumber 4 The quotation line number
StockNumber 16 The stock number of the part
Manufacturer 60 The manufacturer code for the part (after conversion)
PartNumber 40  
Description 64  
Quantity 14 Numeric, 2 decimal places, Expected usage of the part
Unit 60 The unit code for the part (after conversion)
PackSize 6 The quantity that each purchase must be rounded up to. eg. 4 Means the part must be bought in lots of 4.
LeadDays 4 The number of days it takes to supply the part.
Price 14

Numeric, 4 decimal places. The unit price of the part

Agreement 1 Y/N (Item to be on agreement)
Date From 10 Agreement date from
Date To 10 Agreement date to
Supersession Quantity 14 Supersession replacement quantity (blank if not a supersession)



Both the manufacturer code and unit code will go through a conversion by looking up the conversion table for the supplier. This lookup is done using the manufacturer/supplier maintenance screen conversion tab. If the code is not found then no conversion is performed otherwise the code is converted before validating or importing it. Eg. A supplier unit codes for box may be BX whereas the OCS code had been defined as BOX.


Error Reporting

Currently no validation is performed on the import of the quotation file.


All examples shown here use the standard OCS delimited format (Using the | character as the delimiter).

	0001|0001024|CAT|123|PART 123|25.00|EA|1|2|12.0000|N|||
	0002|0000018|BL|XYZ|PART XYZ|14.00|BOX|1|1|36.5000|N|||2.00