Technical Data Import



Technical Data Import can be used to import the technical data and optionally data prompts for equipment and/or components. This will be extended for all types with technical data.

The field "Technical Data Prompt", should either have this name, so the import will be processed in this order. Alternatively, a valid prompt name can also be used, in which case the data will be loaded against that prompt.

Unlimited number of prompts are allowed.


The files containing the technical data to be imported, have to be placed in a directory that is referred to by the OCS system variable OCSUploadDir.



This directory should be accessible by the OCS system as well by the users so that they can easily copy files in this directory from their Windows desktop.

File Format

The format of the file is:

Field Length Comments
Type 20 Valid values 'Component' or 'Equipment'
Component/Equipment 50 Valid Component or Equipment No
Component Serial No 16 Serial No for Component
Technical Group Code 8 Required
Technical Data Prompt1 or Valid Prompt Name 8 Optional
Technical Data Prompt2 or Valid Prompt Name 8 Optional
... 8 Optional