Spreadsheet Upload



Upload from spreadsheet can be used to populate values in non accumulating segments.

The format of the file is:

Field Length Comments
Company 2 Company Code
Ledger Code 4 Ledger Code
Account 32 Valid account number for ledger
Account Description 99 not required
Opening Balance 16 Opening balance value
Value 2 16 not required
Value 3 16 not required
Value 4 16 not required
Value 5 16 Segment value for period
Value 6 16 not required
Period Name 3 Valid period name eg. JAN
Year 4 Year eg. 2003
Segment Code 4 Valid non accumulating segment code
Currency Code 4 Valid currency code

*Note :- All fields have a 1 character space between them.
            All values have 2 decimal places which is included in the specified length


Upload from Spreadsheet Template

This Excel template and associated macro can be used as a guide for entering data into an Excel spreadsheet then export the contents to a serial file to be used for the upload.