OCS Time and Attendance

Time & Attendance Overview

Time and Attendance can be installed with Maintenance Management and Statistical Financial Ledger to form a complete maintenance management and costing system while front-ending corporate payroll and human resources systems.

The system generates employee rosters and captures labor and utilization information by collecting employee time details. Time codes are tracked against work orders, equipment, and/or projects and then distributed to cost centers. Facilities are also provided to maintain employee vacation attendance and certification records, to store crew and shift assignments, and to allow for a standard rate of pay, overtime rates, and shift differentials.



The system is designed to collect, edit, maintain, and distribute the labor and related cost transactions from a single software application. It eliminates the need for several users trained in the balancing and distribution of labor hours and costs yet provides the flexibility for the foreman or supervisors to enter, edit, and balance their crew time and attendance records for distribution.


Data Sources

Input to the Time and Attendance system can come from several sources. Payroll department PCs can be used to download data for crew schedules. Mainframe systems for payroll and human resources are alternative sources of data, including employee master file information from the personnel department. The crew schedules for a given pay period are the source for the foreman time records. This weekly schedule becomes the source for daily time input in the field. Field input can come directly from terminals or networked PCs or can be downloaded from hand-held computers and other time recording devices.


Use Of Information

The data distributed by this system will be used by operational and financial managers. An example is the users of the time and labor costs in the Maintenance Management system as they apply to the resources being accumulated against work orders. Time and Attendance is primarily a data collection module and a bridge between systems. Customization and interfacing is a normal aspect of the installation of this module.



Maintaining rosters for employees and crews. Support sophisticated cyclic rosters with unlimited numbers and types of shift changes. Roster changes and amendments can easily be made for absences and shift changes.



Various reports are provided to track and analyze time and attendance information:

  • Chronic Absence Report
  • Crew Report
  • Daily Absence Report
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Employee Master List
  • Employee Scheduled Days Off
  • Foreman Upload Time Card Edit Report
  • Scheduled Vacation Eligibility List—Wage
  • Vacation Days Remaining
  • Weekly Time and Attendance Summary


Distribute Labor

Time & Attendance is the perfect module to accurately distribute your labor cost back to individual work orders, equipment and cost centers.

  • Accurate Time Entry. Ensure times are accurately enter, all time sheets must total correctly with the total number of hours and employee or crew works.
  • Distribution Of Time. All time is accurately distributed back to equipment, work orders or cost centers. Time can be allocated to absences and to miscellaneous activities such as meetings.


Time Collection

  • Manual Input
  • Payroll System
  • Timesheet Systems