Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from Version 7.xx to 8.00


Product Components

BuildProfessional Version 8.00 consists of the following products:

  • Version 8 Runtime Server. This is the main application engine including native XML parser and XSL transformer (check platform availability). The runtime server will run any Version 7 application code after upgrade. The Version 8 Runtime Server provides a significantly upgraded Windows user interface and XML capabilities.
  • Version 8 Web-API Server. The Web-API Server has been integrated into the Runtime Server to provide open XML messaging between BuildProfessional and other applications or programs. The integration includes common installation and configuration routines, shared user licensing and a built-in interface to the BuildPro kernel.
  • Version 8 Repository Server. The development repository server provides access to application source code through an open XML Web Service. As a result all application source code (component definitions) is accessible in XML format on a networked server.
  • Version 8 Developer. This is the all new development environment for XML enabling BuildPro applications. The developer operates stand-alone or connects to a remote Repository Server.
  • Version 7 Developer (vision). For compatibility and retained developer productivity, the complete Version 7 Developer is provided to access and develop Version 8 applications. The Version 7 Developer will be removed following successful usability testing of the Version 8 Developer.

Quick Start Guide

  • Install BuildProfessional on a Windows  PC.
  • To run the Version 8 Developer, select the Developer icon short-cut or type "wintdyx -uxdev"
  • To run the Version 7 Developer, type "wintdyx -uvision"
  • To connect to a remote Repository Server, enter the name of the remote server in the Connect to Remote Server dialog.


Run Repository Fix. The Version 7 Developer (vision) includes a "fix" feature under Tools / Fix. Run this fix for each component type in the list. The fix functionality will verify properties known to have blank, incorrect or misleading values. These incorrect values will not affect runtime behavior of the component (in 7 or 8) but will cause source code validation errors under the Version 8 Developer. The "fix" feature can be re-run multiple times.

Note: The Fix functionality is also available in the Version 8 Developer under Tools / Diagnostics and can be run as a Repository Instruction. At any time when V7 components are archived into a version 8 application, the fix should be re-run (for the uploaded component types).

Generate and resolve any outstanding errors in your application in 7.xx and make a permanent backup of your application archives from Version 7.12. It is not possible to down-grade an application from 8.00 to 7.xx.

Minimum Runtime Requirements

Archive your applications into Version 8.00 and run generate. There should be no errors different from what were displayed in Version 7.xx. Your application is ready to run.

A visible difference between Version 7.xx and 8.00 is the new Windows toolbars. The new style toolbars are activated by default. Should you have any visual or functional problem with the new style toolbars, switch back to V7 toolbars with the following setting in your configuration file (wintoday.ini or .todayrc):


Recommended Upgrade Work

Fix Toolbar Icons

The new style toolbars require that all icons (bitmap blobs) displayed on a toolbar have the same dimensions. If icons are of mixed dimensions, the toolbar may crop or repeat certain icons. To fix, use the Version 8 Developer to export all relevant icons to .bmp files. Using a picture editor like Windows Paint, check the dimensions of all bitmaps. A normal size is 16x16 pixels.

Upgrade to XML Containers

One of the main user interface features of Version 8 is XML Containers. An XML Container is a visual control that is dynamically rendered at runtime based on data supplied in an XML subset. If you are currently using multi-column listboxes or tree view controls (from 7.11) then these should be upgraded to XML Containers. The process is simple and will provide the extended functionality the new control has.

Perform the following steps to upgrade ListView and TreeView controls:

  • Identify which screens currently use the list or tree controls. In V7, these are stored as listbox fields.
  • In the Version 8 Developer, go to the Properties Editor (not Painter) and open each of the relevant screens. For each of the listbox fields, change the Field Type to "XML Container". Ensure that the container style is correct (Multi-Column or TreeView). Remove the lookup table associated with the field. Make a note of the screen field name. Save and generate the screen.
  • Now identify each place where the ListView or TreeView was populated. In V7 this was performed by setting the first instance of a lookup table to the name of the subset containing the XML data. Change these lines to the SCREEN *RENDER command. If you know the lookup tables associated with the ListView fields, you can search logic for "T-lookupname(1)" to find the locations.


Old Code:

T-listview(1) = "mylistviewcontents"

New Code:

SCREEN *RENDER "fieldname-of-xml-container" *SUBSET= "mylistviewcontents"

Using "vision" in Version 8.00

For upgrade simplicity the Version 7 Developer "vision" is provided as part of Version 8. This makes upgrading easier by providing a familiar interface to application source and ensures developer productivity during the initial releases of the Version 8 Developer.

Using "vision" and the Version 8 Developer in mixed environments will not corrupt application components. The following simple procedures will allow full use of both development environments:

  1. Run the "fix" feature from vision at regular intervals to ensure code validity in Version 8.
  2. Run the "Application / Update Component Access Data" regularly from the Version 8 Developer. This will ensure that the Version 8 Developer is aware of changes made in "vision".
  3. Do not attempt to paint or modify XML Containers in the "vision" painter.