OCS Overview

Operating Control System Overview

The Operating Control System product (OCS) is a complete enterprise asset and maintenance management solution that has been developed for clients who need to integrate high volumes of operational information for control and analysis. This data can originate in the sub second sampling of process instrumentation and may end up at the highest level of corporate cost consolidation.

The development philosophy behind OCS is to provide a system with a high degree of automation in the management and procurement of spare parts and in the scheduling of maintenance activity and resources. These activities are supported by integrated Financial and Human Resource systems. OCS provides ready access to management information, is easy to use, and actually delivers on the promise of improved productivity through computerization. OCS also provides an end-user report writer, interfaces to Graphical Catalogues, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

Maintenance Management, Materials Management and the Statistical/Financial Ledger are the principal OCS modules. Additional, complementary subsystems are provided for financial, business, and personnel management.


Maintenance Management

This fixed or mobile plant and equipment system optimizes maintenance procedures, minimizes downtime costs and extends service life for production equipment, facilities and capital construction. Planning and scheduling features control preventive and predictive maintenance. Provisions for breakdown repairs, inspections, modifications and plant shutdowns are standard. Trend analysis and failure extent information aid cost control. Component management for both non-repairable and repairable (rotable) components is extensive. Work orders are triggered by user-defined conditions and cycle codes. Automatic material reservation and issue enhances material requirements processing. Resource availability and allocations help control labor and services.


Materials Management

The system incorporates parts catalog, inventory control and purchasing modules for management of stocked and direct-purchase materials and services. Catalog identifies stock and non-stock items and allows access by multiple manufacturers and part numbers, part names and cross-references with generic search. Inventory includes multiple reorder options, lead-time, safety stock and EOQ calculations. On-line receiving links with invoice matching and accounts payable to accommodate multiple warehouses, on-line reservations and issues, quantity and value adjustments and physical count control. Purchasing places orders for both stock and direct charge items. Supplier quotations and stock price agreements, multi-line/multi-page purchase orders, expediting, supplier performance analysis and contracts/blanket orders are all standard.


Statistical & Financial Ledger

All accounting functions needed to support the financial recording and reporting needs of any size organization are combined with statistical elements and accumulation paths to collect and report on all information needed to control operations. Budgets, forecasts, variance analysis, calculated allocations, currency conversion, mathematical data segments and accruals extend the basic functions. Operating statistics include monitoring of employees, equipment and projects via data collection from other applications in the system.


Accounts Payable

Payables functions include multiple company processing and consolidation, batch controls, expense allocations, automatic ledger journals, miscellaneous vendors, name lookup and audit trails. All accounts are verified during input via automatic interfaces to the Statistical/Financial Ledger.

Invoices are matched against receiving documents or purchase orders, then automatic payment or suspense tolerances may be established. The tolerance can be a percentage of the invoice amount, a dollar amount, or a combination and may be applied to specific line items or to full invoice values.

Accounts Receivable

Receivables functions include multiple company processing and consolidation, history retention, batch controls, automatic ledger journals, mix of open item and balance forward accounts, name lookup and customer change audit trails.

Fixed Assets

A comprehensive multi level structure fixed asset module providing depreciation, disposals, statistical information and comprehensive reporting.


Contract Management

The OCS Contracts Module is designed to meet organizations requirements for the recording, control, accounting and reporting in relation to contracts and projects and to ensure efficient administration and control. Contract details and documents are access online. The Contract module can also be used for the management of internal projects.


Fuel & Lubrication

The fuel and lubrication system manages the distribution of fuel and lube top ups to both mobile and fixed plant.

Eureka Planning

The Eureka Maintenance Scheduling system accesses work order data generated by an existing maintenance management system and together with resource availability and skills data from personnel or roster systems reschedules the work orders to minimize equipment down time and maximize utilization of available resources.


Time & Attendance

Labor and related costs are collected, edited, maintained and distributed from a central point. Manual balancing and distribution of labor hours/costs is eliminated while flexibility is increased. The foreman/supervisor may enter, edit and balance crew time and attendance records for distribution. Roster generation, vacation, certification, crew and shift assignment information is also tracked while multiple pay rates and differentials may be allocated.


Safety Management

The integrated Safe Job Procedures, Safety and Training, and Accident Tracking modules are a complete system to analyze accidents and near misses while creating safe working procedures and maintaining accident-free working conditions. All instances of safety training and safety violations are recorded by employee. The system may be configured to match any company organization.


Sales & Distribution

Tools are provided to plan and control the inventory, customer ordering and shipment of bulk products. Extensive forecasting and scheduling features are included. Additional subsystems statistically monitor ore quality on an individual stockpile, load and route basis.

Document Register

The Document Management System stores textual information about drawings, documents and graphics in a common register.

Production Statistics

The OCS applications suite provides a wide range of reporting and analysis tools including a report writer, inherent statistical and financial analysis, and many levels of data integration and consolidation. These tools can be combined to produce scheduled and ad hoc reporting of a wide range of information for business management and analysis, including information not ordinarily accessible from a system of this nature.

Product Tracking

Bulk Product Tracking is a complete package designed to statistically calculate and monitor the quality of shipped ore product.

Process Scheduling

The process scheduling module allows users to define the run frequency and timing of reports and other OCS activities based on user defined calendar periods.

Human Resources

CLOCKWORK Human Resource Management Information System Software is a comprehensive payroll and personnel management system integrated with the OCS system. The package’s components, of payroll and personnel provide an efficient facility for day to day processing and a powerful management tool in their recording, reporting and enquiring capabilities. CLOCKWORK’s many advanced features are utilized by Australian organizations of all sizes.


Complete Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Operating Control Systems has the complete solution covering operational requirements through to management reporting.

  • Operational Efficiency. All operational aspects of the applications have been designed around efficient input of information.
  • Management Reporting. OCS modules deliver thousands of management information screens and reports. With the focus on open databases and interfaces there is no limit to the way information may be presented, collated or analyzed for management.
  • Broad Range Of Modules. The OCS suite covers a broad range of modules not only covering the essential operational, financial and management modules but also including several specialized and industry specific modules. OCS are constantly updating the range of modules on offer.


Open & Flexible Applications

  • Industry Standard databases, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, MaxDB
  • XML interfaces for interfacing and integration with custom applications
  • Integration with popular PC products, Excel, Word, Adobe, Project, Link One etc.
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Use any popular reporting tool