Oil and Gas


Operating Control System includes comprehensive support of the Oil & Gas Industry. OCS for Oil & Gas includes the Catalog, Inventory, Purchasing & Document Register modules. These modules provide for planning of material requirements for drilling & other projects, procurement of materials, inventory tracking, assemblies, manifesting and the consumption and recovery of materials.


Using bill of materials projects such as the drilling of a well can be planned into stages, each stage can include all material requirements for each stage. Finally each item of material can be sourced, whether they are sourced from already held inventory, purchased or built/fabricated (using either inventory, supplier held inventory or a mixture).


Purchase orders may be raised to purchase materials & services required from suppliers. The purchasing modules allows for raising of service orders, fabrication order, material purchases & rentals.

Rental orders are fully tracked to ensure that payments are correctly made against rental material held as per the rental agreement. Rental costs may be correctly attributed to the correct expenditure accounts & joint ventures based upon actual usage of the rental items.

Purchase orders may also be used to track progressive payments for large contract based purchases. Ensure progress payments are made on actual completion of deliverables.

Purchase orders can be correctly attributed to expenditure accounts and/or joint ventures.

All purchase orders are received and matched against invoices to ensure correct payment of invoices.


Manifests allow for accurate tracking of material movements between locations. Material may also be tracked to individual vehicles (trucks, barges, aircraft) and optionally to individual packages (containers, baskets etc.)

Track movement of materials across multiple segments of transportation (eg. from supplier to onshore location, trucked to onshore distribution point then barged to offshore destination).

Record and report on container properties such as weight, dimensions, lifts, serial numbers, seal etc. Record inspection & quarantine requirements.
For individual materials quarantine, supplier, costing, inspection and other information may be recorded.|

Non Inventory materials may also be tracked such as contractor supplied materials, tools, scrap items etc. This allows for complete manifests to be generated.

Generate all paperwork for carriers, customs, inspection & quarantine requirements.

Inventory Management

Record all inventory locations including supplier held inventory, onshore warehouses & distribution points, offshore vessels and rigs.

Manage bins, racks and other sub locations. Track both new, consignment and repaired inventory. Correctly manage and account for joint venture or other third party inventory.

Inventory includes all features to accurately manage and track inventory such as reordering, stock counts, reservations, sub location movements, adjustments, returns etc.


Assemble and fabricate materials using company held inventory and/or material supplied via a third party.

Assemblies may optionally be tracked with a unique user assigned reference number or as standard inventory.

Record all costs for the assembly included material costs, fabrication and assembly costs.

A single or multiple assemblies may be create from the one assembly process.

Consumption & Recoveries

The consumption & recovery of materials may be recorded for accurate tracking & costing of material usage. Consumption & recoveries may be made against a specific well or project and optionally against stages and sub stages of the well or project. Comprehensive reporting can be made to ensure accurate recording.

Recovered items can have costs reassigned as required, repairable and multiple use items such as bits can have costs reallocated via a number of different methods to suit different costing & account requirements.

Financial Authorization

Various authorization & auditing methods are provided such as authorization of purchase orders, receipting, invoice matching including handling of variations & discrepancies.

Cost Allocation

Facilities are provided to track costs and correctly allocate to expenditure accounts, joint ventures or inventory is provided.

Progress payments, third party costs (such as freight, duties etc.), fabrication costs etc. can be correctly allocated to inventory and/or expenditure accounts (for materials already consumed) either as the costs are incurred or at a later date.

Invoice Matching

The invoice matching module allows invoices to be correctly matched and authorized against purchase orders and deliveries.

Invoice variances & discrepancies are automatically highlighted and electronically sent to the correct people for correct and/or authorization.

Correctly assign invoice costs to inventory and cost expenditure accounts, automated work flow for cost allocation and authorization.

Joint Venture Accounting

Joint Ventures require all inventory and costs must be separated by Joint Venture for accurate accounting and effective reporting.

The OCS system allows for all inventory and costs to be correctly separated and reported by Joint Venture (and/or more detailed accounting levels and sub divisions)