OCS Product Tracking

Product Tracking Overview

Bulk Product Tracking is a complete package designed to statistically calculate and monitor the quality of shipped ore product. The system allows input of quality values for samples and ties the samples to vehicles that carry the product. Once this step is complete, the system statistically tracks the quality of product which is shipped to customers. This quality is maintained through transfer of product from one set of vehicles to another or to stockpiles. The system’s main function is to track the quality of the product being produced at the supplier’s locations and the quality of the product being shipped to customers.

This module is fully integrated with the Sales and Distribution system and with the rest of the OCS applications suite including tools for maintenance, materials, business, personnel, and financial control.


Built In EDI Interface

For electronic data exchange.


Customer Quality Hand Off

Hand off quality to customers for their own computer uses.


Inter-Lab Analysis

Track the re-testing of laboratory results.


Manifest Creation

Create a manifest of vehicles on which a contract is to be shipped.


Manifest Printing

Check a manifest to see if the vehicle group is in specification.


Manifest Release

Ship ore once the manifest is in specification.


Manifest Vehicle Grouping

Place a group of vehicles on a manifest.


Manifest Vehicle Movement

Change the manifest on which vehicles are shipped, if changes occur during shipping.


Prep Plant Quality Reports

Statistically track the quality being produced by the prep plant and any trends that exist in the quality.


Report Writer

Create numerous user-defined reports to look at quality data in many statistical varieties. Provide a link for process control chart generation.


Sample Analysis Input

Key in values for samples taken from vehicles.


Specification Changes

Test change of specification to see if contract specifications can be met.


Stockpile Modelling

Inquire into the system’s model of a stockpile to determine the approximate quality in that stockpile.


Vehicle Comments

Enter comments for vehicles to track the quality of vehicles sent to the supplier by the carrier.


Vehicle Tracking

Find vehicles and track their current location and quality.


Vehicle Receipt Into Stockpiles

Track the quality of ore in stockpiles.


Vehicle Sample Tie-In

Tie vehicles to the sample.


Vehicle Trans loading

Indicate to the system the vehicles carrying the product are being changed so the system can statistically calculate the quality of the new vehicles.


Comprehensive Product Tracking

Complete product quantity and quality tracking supplier to customer. Ensure contracts can be met in both terms of quantity and quality.

  • Quality Tracking. Track the quality of product through both stock piles and vehicles. Product may be blended and new quality can be modelled. Samples may be taken to update quality of stockpiles. Ensure the quality required to fulfill customer needs can be met. Hand off quality reports to the customer.
  • Stockpile Management. Stockpile management is vital to ensure that contract can be met. Know both the quality and quantity of stockpiles.
  • Vehicle Tracking. Track the location of vehicles at all time including the quality and quantity of product held by the vehicle.


Product Quality

  • Model Quality Of Stockpiles
  • Calculate Quality Of Vehicles
  • Quality Sampling