Developer Zone


Welcome to the BuildProfessional Developer Zone. On these pages you will find links for downloads and relevant documentation.

Reporting Errors and Providing Feedback

For assistance contact support@todaysystems.com. Forward all problems and suggestions via e-mail.

Your assistance in providing detailed and reproducible problem reports is essential to quick turn around on fixes. Besides the obvious cases, please use these guidelines:

  1. Instructions on how to reproduce the problem.
  2. If possible relate your problem case to the bphrx test application instead of providing your own code.
  3. Always test the problem using the internal developer service. As this process runs entirely in the foreground, you will get the best error details.
  4. If the problem is related to a Repository Instruction, provide the instruction request and reply.



Technical Bulletins and Tutorials

Updated Technical Bulletins, Developer Tutorials and a Troubleshooting FAQ are now available. Check them out!

Application Samples

All demonstrations require BuildProfessional Version 8.02 or later.

  • Using the Property Tabs. Sample Application: tabdemo
  • Using Toolbars. Sample Application: tooldemo
  • Using TreeView and ListViews. Sample Application: treedemo
  • Using the NetView Control. Sample Application: netdemo
  • Using Dynamic Menus: Sample Application: menudemo
  • XML Viewer Sample Application: xmlview
  • All Demos in one .tdy: demos.tdy



Download BuildProfessional Version 8 from here. For licenses please contact support@todaysystems.com

Note. Product licenses are required. Contact your reseller to purchase upgrade licenses.

Logged on BuildProfessional customers can download the latest BuildProfessional release from the Download page.

Latest BuildProfessional Developer Update. (xdevb28f.tdy) (notes) (approx. 4.5MB)


For product installation, follow the instructions provided in the readme.txt file. Once installed read the Upgrade documentation accessible from the Help menu (or link above).

Frequent updates to the Developer will take take place on this site. Use the following steps to install a Developer Update:

  1. Download the latest xdevb?.tdy application archive.
  2. Stop your Web-API Manager service and exit all BuildPro processes.
  3. Use the archive command to load into your repository:
  4. archive -xsv -fxdevb?.tdy
  5. Restart your service. Logon to xdev and follow any additional instructions.