OCS Sales & Distribution

Sales & Distribution Overview

Sales and Distribution is a mining industry system used to plan and control the sale and distribution of ore products throughout the entire production, inventory, and shipment process.

This module is fully integrated with the Bulk Product Tracking system and with the rest of the OCS applications suite including tools for maintenance, materials, business, personnel, and financial control.



The package embraces all business functions involved in the sales and distribution process, including:

  • Accounts Receivable Interface
  • Credit Checking
  • Customer Contracts and Orders
  • Domestic and Export Sales
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Inventory and Stockpile Controls
  • Penalties and Premiums for Ore Grades
  • Processed and Unprocessed Ore
  • Production Forecasts
  • Sales Accounting Reports
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Sales Invoices
  • Shipment Log File
  • Shipment Reconciliation
  • Shipping Releases



Distribution planning is handled by the package via a what if modeling process or by an interface to spreadsheets. The planning functions support:

  • Available Production Compared to Sales Demand Weekly/Monthly
  • Confirmed Customer Orders/Shipments
  • Daily/Weekly Shipping Schedules
  • Inventory Scheduling at Prep Plant
  • Long Term Sales Forecasts (12+ months)
  • Spreadsheet Interface
  • Product Forecast of Tons/Quality by Day/Week/Month
  • Stockpile Scheduling at In-transit Storage Areas


Reports & Inquiries

Extensive reporting and inquiry capabilities are built into the package. Reports provided include:

  • Customer Contract Analysis (profitability on price FOB prep plant)
  • Market Analysis (including penetration and profitability)
  • Ore Sales by Product/Region/Customer (20 years’ sales history)
  • Sales Accounting (product/penalty/sundry accounts)

Inquiries include:

  • Customer Contract Status
  • Ore Product Tracking (from prep plant via in-transit storage to customer)
  • Ore Sales (product/region/customer)
  • Production Forecast and Actuals
  • Shipment Forecast and Releases

Manage The Sales & Distribution Process

Plan and control the sale and distribution of ore products throughout the entire production, inventory, and shipment process.

  • Sales Management. Create sales invoices and track sales. Sales information is automatically passed to accounts receivable to allow for full management of invoices and customers. Create sales forecasts and compare with production forecasts.
  • Contract Analysis. Monitor customer contracts. Determine the profitability of each contract. Report on what contract are not being met and what penalties are being paid.
  • Distribution Planning. Ensure product is distributed and shipped to customers in a timely manner. Compare production versus sales forecasts. Plan and manage inventory levels, stockpiles, shipment schedules and forecasts.


Control Distribution

  • Determine Shipping Schedules
  • Create Shipping Forecasts
  • Track Shipping Capabilities Versus Sales Forecasts