Operating Control Systems Release 208.03.000

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This readme.txt file contains the following topics:-

    Reporting Problems
    Upgrading an Old Release
    Build Professional Release
    Changes in this release

Reporting Problems

Please report any problems you encounter with this release to the OCS Support Team:

    Web:       http://www.todaysystems.com
    Email:     support@todaysystems.com

This release will be updated regularly. New releases will continue to be available on the OCS web site http://www.todaysystems.com We appreciate your feedback on product problems, interface issues, and any other suggestions you may have regarding product features or functions.

Upgrading an Old Release

Please review the OCS upgrade procedure available on the OCS web site.

This release of OCS will upgrade any installed release of the product. This release must be uncompressed to your setup directory located on the OCS server. No users may be logged onto OCS while the upgrade is being run. The setup application can then be run which will automatically upgrade your product to this release.

NOTE: Please read the release notes for all releases higher than your installed release of OCS. Any extra steps listed must be performed as per the instructions.

OCS Client

If you have previously installed OCS Release 208.02.000, no OCS Client upgrade is required. If you are upgrading from an OCS  release older than 208.02.000, the updated OCS Client must be installed for this OCS release. Please review the OCS Client documentation on the OCS web site.

Build Professional Release

This release of the OCS products runs on Build Professional Release If you currently have an older version of Build Professional Server installed then it must be upgraded to this release. The instructions for this are available on the TODAY Systems web site.  Please ensure that you are running on a supported platform as per the Build Professional availability list on the TODAY Systems web site. Please also review the Installing/Upgrading Build Professional/OCS documentation on the OCS web site.

Changes in this release

Bug fix where adding a new allocation definition in SFL not always updates all database fields correctly.

Bugfix where deletion reports now display the correct description.

Change authorization screen to differentiate between authorization for Work Order Creation (WO Create) versus Work Order Completion (WO Comp).

Bug fix where a locking message now will show when a purchase order is locked in 'Goods Received' rather than being stuck in a loop.

Bug fix where a locking message now will show when a purchase order or requisition is locked when trying to authorize rather than being stuck in a loop.

Allows work orders to be attached in the Document Register's 'Related To' tab.

Add a BP logon option for system maintenance purposes.

Bugfix to prevent certain SFL journal batch transfers to loop indefinitely.

More flexible import options when uploading from spreadsheet.

Only send roster when "New Timesheets" are selected in Export Timesheets.

Error when saving time sheets with already approved leave applications.

Run script to timesheet import and after timesheet and roster export.


Allow SFL allocations to soft closed accounts.

Add new depreciation Ind. 'Condition Based - Opening Written Down Value'.

Bug fix where 'Drilling PO Line Enquiry' returns incorrect information for line numbers >= 100.

Bug fix where a 'BOM enquiry from the 'Equipment Plant Structure' drilldown no longer triggers an abort.

Bug fix where picking slips now always get printed in material allocation.

Bug fix where updating equipment in a fixed asset enabled system by a non fixed asset authorized user no longer results in an abort.

Bug fix for 'Update Supplier Invoices' where a line number not always get incremented leading to a crash.

Bug fix for missing literal (trans2) definition.

Orders archive too early in certain cases.
When a new line is added to a purchase order or the order is reopened the date complete is now cleared, this is so the order does not archive until the last order line has been completed (for the specified number of days).
Order archive now only archives Warranty order lines or materials marked to allow $0 cost only if the line value is actually 0. (or they are invoiced).

Bug fix where the "Add Package" button freezes after pressing the "Add Stock" button on the Manifest Maintenance Screen.

Allow Direct Segment Update against soft closed accounts.

Bug fix where a locking message now will show when a work order is locked in Work Order authorization rather than being stuck in a loop.

Bug fix where stock data no longer updates incorrect fields when adding a container stock item package to a confirmed manifest.

New option to force the user to input GST in 'Document Matching Supplier Invoice Input'.

Add new columns to 'Requisition Management Pending Quotation' Tab.
This screen now displays: Quotation, Supplier, Requisition, Description, Part No. Priority, Due Date, Response Date.

Add new fields into receiving email.
The following new fields were added: Quantity Ordered, Previous Receipts, This Receipt, Balance.

Destination sub-stock must now be entered when adding a container stock number as a summary line on a manifest.

New ability to restrict users from adding suppliers while still allowing them to modify the details.


Bug fix where saving data of the Authority Master Maintenance screen with populated fields in the Document Access tab no longer results in a crash.

Bug fix for Document Matching where the 'Match Nett' value of the Record Variance not always add up to the 'Nett Value' of the invoice.

Bug fix for "Equipment Materials" where a line counter not always get incremented when performing an "Issue All" leading to a crash.

Convert OCS authorisation screen to be completely column based, add sorting for each column.

Add purchase order number and status to subject line of emailed purchase orders.
NOTE: Clients with purchase order templates that use the CRtitle parameter should review and modify their purchase order template.

Bug fix where the Work Order Completion screen no longer aborts when applying the Special Instructions screen.

Allow cancel or close of multiple purchase order lines in Purchase Order Maintenance.

Material allocation remarks are now written to 'Issue' and 'Credit Issue' transactions if specified.
Both remarks may be used in the Stock Transactions view of the OCS user defined report writer.

Default special instruction can now be specified on the supplier maintenance screen. Special instructions will default for all
new material allocation,requisitions and purchase orders raised for the supplier. This will allow special terms and conditions
to be defaulted for a supplier.

New field 'Trade Licence Number' in Employee Maintenance Screen.

Bug fix where the creation of new equipment now also generate a fixed asset record if the fixed assets module is active,
but where the user is not authorized to access fixed asset information.

Bug fix where the date_stk_take field of the stock table now gets populated for consignment items.

Drill-down to goods outwards line details from purchasing enquiry/delivery screen.

Bug fix where the authority code field now always get populated correctly on stocktake variance signoff.

Allow time code to specify which rate (standard or base overtime) should be used from the pay class.

First phase of (optional) new electrician work order completion procedure whereby the user has to go through a check list of questions.
This phase primarily implements the data table layout changes required.


Add supplier & priority to requisition management review screen.
Allow users to sort by supplier & priority to assist in review of requisition & creation of quotes.

Add Freight/On Cost (value & percentage) have been added to Requisitions.
This includes all maintenance screens such as requisition management, requisition maintenance etc.
Correctly populate purchase order from requisition such as Purchase order maintenance, pro-forma order generation etc.

Punchout and B2B changes.
Allow multiple suppliers to use the same punch-out details.
Allow a local copy to printed for XML (B2B )purchase orders.

Bug fix to address several issues with p2p manifests.

Include Hazardous Material Reference field from catalogue on the manifest print.

Refine search criteria to only include stock on hand.

Add job description to purchasing enquiry (Requisition and Purchase Order enquiry screens).

Drill-down to delivery details from purchasing enquiry/delivery screen.

Bug fix where not all fields were addressed when re-issuing a fixed asset.

Bug fix for receiving manifests where a line number not always get incremented leading to a crash.

Modify resource required switch in site maintenance to allow new option to make both resource code and units mandatory.

Bug fix where a blocking error is shown when a warehouse is entered on Good Outwards with an incorrect sub stock value.

Bug fix where run names for user defined reports did not get saved when the report name is different than the selection screen name.

Bug fix for p2p manifests where the manifest incorrectly appears as a pending transfer after receipt.

Bug fix where setting up a supplier agreement no longer incorrectly aborts with error 'Update of Agreement failed'.

KPR-02139 (Re-cut)
Bug fix where 4 input characters in the ledger field in Invoice Input/Ledger Allocations now always fit.

Bug fix where amounts on the remittance advice now display the correct partial amount rather than the full amount for part invoice payments.

Bug fix where receipting a multi description P2P transfer no longer results in an abort.

Bug fix where the authorization process will not corrupt the work order status if the work order is locked.

Bug fix for manifests where deleting an item from a confirmed package now updates the goods in transit value correctly.

Bug fix where stock items linked to incorrect order lines can now be deleted.

Bug fix to prevent a possible lock up in the maintenance scheduler.

Ability to always change the site and/or warehouse on goods outwards.

Bug fix for manifests where source and destination sub stock are not the same.

Bug fix to prevent an abort error for user defined manifest reports.

Bug fix where the component description field in the work order enquiry screen is now cleared after every inquiry
and is widened to 40 characters to be able to display the full description.

New feature to allow XML Purchase order to be processed via a script to allow ftp or other tasks.
It further allows to send a purchase order copy via XML (testing stage).

Bug fix to prevent an abort error for user defined manifest transfer report.

Bug fix to prevent an abort when there are multiple entries of the same stock number in a single manifest.

Bug fix where running the 'Stock Issue Daily' report in the background now generates the correct report.

Bug fix that corrects transfers created via Replenishment List Transfer.

New feature to allow selection of parts from 'Punchout' enabled web sites for B2B.

Bug fix to add missing dictionary definitions to system master data file (ocsysmst).

The user defined view "Purchase Order" now includes the invoiced amount paid & unpaid.
These field have been included on the purchase order detail report by supplier report.


Bug fix for Fixed Assets where the stock take records do not get moved when re-issuing asset.

Ability to switch on/off the ability for buyers to be able to receive their own orders.

Bug fix for foreign purchase orders where the foreign amount does not update to 0.00 when the amount is updated to 0.00.

Bug fix for abort on repeated equipment-BOM-inventory drilldown.

Bug fix where 4 input characters in the ledger field in Invoice Input/Ledger Allocations now always fit.

Bug fix to add missing data dictionary definition 'p2p_transfer' to the PT module.

Change the sorting of the delay grid on the Material Movement screen to entry number rather than delay start time.

Change delivery warning for consignment stock to message in Supplier Invoice Input screen.

Bug fix for rebuilding the ledger structure where existing budget items will not get deleted anymore.

Bug fix where an incorrect Purchase Order line was displayed when requested from the 'Record Variance' panel in the 'Supplier Invoice Input' Screen.

Bug fix for manifests where the destination container loses warehouse destination.

Bug fix for manifests to prevent an OAV error when receiving at the intermediate location.

Bug fix for manifests where a reservation is no longer created when decrementing the transfer quantity when the manifest has already been confirmed.

Add Parent Work Order selection to Print Work Order Report.

Documents printed in the Accounts Payable module (today_AP) will now always print out in the order they are processed rather than a random order.
NOTE: If this method proofs to be successful, it will be applied to all the OCS modules.


Bug fix to always print supplier credit amounts (SCN) as a negative amount on remittance advices.

Move invoice enquiry to separate button rather than double click in lower panel in 'Modify Invoices in Suspense' screen.

Bug fix to correct Kronos export of timesheets output.

Bug fix for Fixed Assets Depreciation run to calculate the correct old depreciation value.

Bug fix where the site and warehouse code fields do not get validated on the stock transfer screen.

Bug fix for manifests where changing the destination from the package screen triggers an abort.

Bug fix for Work Order Completion screen where the application aborts when pressing the reset button.

Allow entry of leave application directly into time sheet entry screen.

Various bug fixes in Re-Issue of Fixed Asset Number.

Allow a default TBA code to be specified on a supplier. All purchase raised from material allocation, requisition maintenance & purchase order maintenance will default the TBA code if specified on the supplier.

Allow integration of External Reporting products such as Crystal Reports 2008.

Comments are now optional for leave applications and leave entered through timesheet input.

Bug fix for manifests where deleting and adding an item from a package from a confirmed manifest leads to data corruption.


Add an invoice inquiry screen to lower panel in 'Modify Invoices in Suspense' screen.
(Re-cut of this KPR into today_AP rather than todayOCS).

Allow 0.00 to be entered as an amount in the the Fixed Assets Depreciation Schedule Maintenance screen.

Added missing error messages in the 'PT' module.

Bug Fix to reset the fields 'from type' and 'to type' properly when the list is cleared.

Bug fix to always retrieve the item price when creating a purchase order irrespective if it is a stocked or referenced item.

Bug fix where fixed assets disposals were set to an incorrect financial status.

Bug fix where prep plant was validated incorrectly in Material Movement and Equipment Log.

Bug fix for a 'Write/Modify attempt' abort in Fixed Assets Month End Depreciation.

Bug fix where credit issues from 'Equipment Materials' screens generate an incorrect journal.

Bug fix where direct stock transfer between different sites and warehouses generate an incorrect journal.

Add the ability to change the start time from the 'Block Schedule Change' screen.

Timesheet & Kronos Interface Modifications
Leave Maintenance Fix to allow recall and deletion of Leave codes.
Default "from date" to "to date" in Leave Application and Absence Maintenance.
Remove " delimited of the fist field in a csv file if it is right justified, zero padded.
Roster Export to ignore shift codes beginning with RO.
Timesheet/Leave Export to now export Roster records beginning with RO.
Add ability to specify hours in leave application.
Timesheet/Leave export to generate one record per day (according to roster) for multi day leave applications (rather than one record for date range).

Work Order - Purchase Delivery Sub View Corrected.

Ability to schedule by wild carded work specification eg. PM*, CS* etc.

Add new cheque format "10 – Crystal Report Format".
Allows for laser printed cheques to be format via Crystal Reports.

Approved leave no longer creates absence or removes times from the roster. The roster now remains intact.
Exported leave in timesheet export now uses the rostered hours for all day or multi day leave applications that have no hours specified.

Update OCS Web Link to 'http://www.todaysystems.com/ocs'.


Bug fix to prevent an abort when accessing Time Sheet Entry in Maintenance.

Bug fix for selection screens in the today_PT module where pressing the 'More' button results in an abort.

Increase width of shift code fields on the shift code and shift pattern maintenance screens.

Bug fix for 'No such screen field' abort in Fixed Assets Sub group/tax group reclassification screen.

Add Point to Point Transfers, allows for stock to be booked into inventory at all intermediate transit points. Transfers are created from 'point to point'.
Refer to Streamlined Manifests Functional Specification.

Allow partially received manifests to be edited.
Refer to Streamlined Manifests Functional Specification.

Allow the editing of the destination for a package unit on a manifest.
Refer to Streamlined Manifests Functional Specification.

Add the ability to print a parts preferred manufacturer on a manifest.
Refer to Streamlined Manifests Functional Specification.

Change to manifest inquiries and additional manifest views in OCS user defined reports.
Refer to Streamlined Manifests Functional Specification.

Timesheets total hours and defaulting of times now takes into account break times in an employees roster.

Bug fix to always print credit amounts (VCN) as a negative amount on remittance advices.

Bug fix for 'Invalid column name ca_stock_no' abort in Quotation Maintenance.

Abort in Sub Group/Tax Reclassification screen after entering new sub group.

Order Type is printed twice on the purchasing notification for purchase order price changes rather than the order type and number.

Various time sheet patches.
Disallow time sheet entry for a future date.
Correction for time default in time sheets when a task finishes exactly at the time of the next break.
Add status to time sheet entry screen to indicate if time sheet is awaiting approval, has been rejected or has been approved.

Export roster now creates multiple roster lines where a roster includes a break.

Bug fix to correct Kronos export issues.

Add an invoice inquiry screen to lower panel in 'Modify Invoices in Suspense' screen.


Add switch to allow restriction of adding new assets and editing asset financial information to specific authorities or authority groups.

Bug fix Workorder History Report where the 'Unit Cost' field is displaying an incorrect value.

When re-printing remittance advices, print them in vendor code order rather than random order.

Bug fix to prevent data corruption of stock field 'In Transit' when deleting an item from a confirmed manifest.

Allow reprint remittance advices to be run for purged batches. A warning is now displayed to indicate the batch may not exist or might be purged.

Better error reporting in Fixed Assets when running a Forecast Depreciation Run.

Implemented Timesheet authorisation & Kronos Award Interpreter interface.

Allow stock authorisations to be viewed in purchasing enquiry.

Default start reading in equipment log and materials movements from the finish meter of the previous day/shift.

Add the ability to email originator when requisition or purchase order pricing information is modified.

Bug fix to prevent data corruption of stock field 'Quantity on Hand' when deleting an item from a confirmed manifest.


Bug fix for Goods Received where an attempt is made to update a read-only table.

KPR-02070 (re-cut of KPR-02064)
Various bug fixes OCS customer specific cheque printing format (20).
Always print a single cheque per vendor even if there are multiple remittances.
Print the word 'void' in the right location.

Expand end delay time in Equipment Log.

Bug fix to prevent 'Record layout differs from expected' error when clicking pricing tab on the item enquiry screen.

EFT generation can now be set to send remittance advise (as per Vendor EFT setup), print locally only or both.
Remittance advices now be be reprinted for an entire payment batch, they may be reprinted locally, sent to vendor (as per Vendor EFT setup) or both.

Bug fix to assign the correct purchase order type for consignment credit issues.
Increased the width of 2 character fields on the purchasing company maintenance screen.
Corrected typo on Reorder Checklist Screen.

Checkbox switch added to block the ability to set the order amount field to anything lower than the current value in material allocation.

Set default value of 'Archive all Orders' in purchasing rollover screen to unchecked (No).


When invoice authorization is required in the supplier invoice input record variance screen, the system requests authorization on change of any field rather than after changing lines. (Re-cut of KPR-02040).

Enhance Fuel & Lubrication to allow uploading of estimated financial information when running with Fuel or Lubricants supplied by a third party and not tracked as inventory.

Material Movement & Equipment Log Data Input Improvements and extra validation.
Both Screens now display total shift time and time allocated as operating hours or delays.
Times can now be entered in a number of flexible formats.
Times are validated to be within shift.

Bug fix for correct interpretation of 'Stockno From' - 'Stockno To' range on the stocktake sheet selection screen.

Add ability to authorize manually raised stock orders.

OCS User defined report writer purchase order delivery view does not have any selection screen formats available for selection.

Catalog system maintenance screen does not enable apply button when allow duplicate part numbers checkbox is modified.

Add ability to specify by supplier whether to default currency on the order maintenance screen and to set whether GST should default exempt for foreign currency purchase orders.

Allow copy purchase order to use new order defaults.

Various bug fixes OCS customer specific cheque printing format (20).
Always print a single cheque per vendor even if there are multiple remittances.
Print the word 'void' in the right location.

Bug fix for an un-initialized field in requisition authorization.

Bug fixes for various manifest issues where items are added/removed after confirmation.

Bug fix for PO Delivery Dockets report where the query block has an incorrect number of result columns.

Depreciation report aborts if some assets are set to depreciate based upon condition and written down value.

Correct validation of delay times in material movements and equipment log.


Bug fix where stocktake input corrupts stock on hand figures used for variance reports.

Increase width of several input fields on the stocktake sheets selection and bin maintenance screens.


Bug fix for AP Aged Trial Balance report where credit notes (VCN) were sign inverted twice.
Layout corrections to report to prevent doubling up of balances when export to MS-Excel.

Bug fix to update the line counter in the ABA EFT output file if a self balancing line is used.

When invoice authorization is required in the supplier invoice input record variance screen, the system requests authorization on change of any field rather than after changing lines.

When adding multiple invoices in supplier invoice input the documents from the previous invoice are displayed in the documents tab rather than appearing empty.

New setting on SFL company to define if 2 or 3 shifts per day are in use.
Allow data segment update to automatically spread values over 2 or 3 shifts.

Purchase order quick add should add lines GST exempt when creating foreign currency orders.

Bug fix for an abort when browsing on stock item in stock transfer screen.

Manifest screen not refreshing when adding an adhoc or order pending transfer as a summary unit.
The summary unit description is now defaulted from the transfer for non-stock transfers.
The summary unit quantity is now defaulted from the transfer.

Bug fix in Bill of Materials for abort “psstr not found”.

Stock take sheet prints incorrect stock take sheet number.

Stock take quantity on hand not printed correctly on most stock take reports.

Allow user defined purchasing views to select by buyer.

Default unit in purchase order maintenance for reference items.

Supplier invoice input and modify invoice in suspense on some occasions makes the associated credit note details mandatory when running on Solaris.


Bug fix to resolve abort messages for changes related to KPR 2016.
Saves a snapshot of stock quantity on hand, average unit price and bins at the time of the stock take.
Layout improvements to stock take reports, addition of new warehouse summary statistics to stock take reports.
Stock take reports may now optionally report on stock items with no variance.
Correct abort when running stock take by management group.

Various block schedule enhancements.
Stop users being able to Complete (C*) work orders using this screen. This prevents Scheduler from resetting schedules to new date.
Usable window to be increased to maximum size to allow for extra information.
Add filter for Shutdown Code to the screen.
Add Maintenance Cause field and new Maintenance Cause field option to change to new setting.
Enable to read AA (Active) status Work orders when leaving Status field blank so as to return all WOs for valid date range.
Add Equipment Description into display area next to Equipment number.

Allow pending transfers to be selected into a manifest as a package/summary unit.

Improvements to Bill of Material performance loading the tree structure in the bill of materials maintenance screen.

Converted various Accounts Payable screens to conform to OCS GUI standards including:
Auto Match Supplier Invoices.
Supplier Invoice Input.
Modify Invoices in Suspense.
Invoice Payments.

Enhanced Fuel & Lubrication and Product Tracking reporting.
Updated the following screens to conform with OCS GUI standard:
Inventory Location Maintenance.
Delay Category Maintenance.
Delay Type Maintenance.
Work Type Maintenance.
Material Movements.
Equipment Log.
Updated fonts for browse and OK/Cancel buttons.

Corrections to defaulting in purchase order maintenance and possible abort in purchase order quick add.

Additional cheque printing format.

Add an optional self balancing line to the ABA EFT output file.

Various stocktake sheet and variance report fixes.

Base the average unit cost (AUC) value on updated stock rather than purchase order when manifesting.

Possible abort printing purchase orders associated with a goods outwards.

Allow purchase variance to be authorised based upon the financial limit, variance tolerance or both.

Bugfix for printing the incorrect remittance advice and for minor cheque printing problems.

Stocktake sheets do not print the correct stocktake number when initially generated.


Unable to run Supplier Performance Report.

Blank out agreement number in Requisition Management when supplier number changes.

Add a sub-sorting on invoice number on the Payments Journal Report.

Print out Remittance Advices in vendor order rather than random order.

Credit Note date field should not be required if entry is not a Credit Note.

Display more invoice lines by increasing the screen size of Supplier Invoice Input.

Increase field length of 2 character fields on Requisition Status Report screen.

Add purchase order deliveries to work order view.

Allow estimated costs to be entered on work specifications.

Bank deposit not being written when receiving cash in accounts receivable.

Adding/removing pending transfers multiple times may corrupt goods in transit quantity on stock item.

Add the ability to modify tasks in equipment materials screen.

Abort running user defined report based upon the stock view when selecting by both manufacturer and part number.

Various stock take enhancements.
Stock takes are now saved for future reference and reporting.
Stock take sheets, variance report & signoff have all been converted to Crystal reports to allow for end user customisation. All reports have been simplified to only show key information such as variances, non counted items and items dropped from stock take.
Stock take sheets have improved selection criteria including the ability to include multipe bin ranges and the ability to span multiple sites & warehouses.
Stock take sheets, variance report & signoff report have been converted to conform to OCS GUI guidelines.
A new stocktake summary report has been added to allow for reporting on stock takes that have been signed off.

Transfer are not updated correctly when goods receipts are amended after the goods have already been placed on manifests.

Item enquiry sometimes displays finished transfers even when history has not been selected.

User Defined Report Warehouse Validation/Browse not working correctly in all views.

Dont clear vendor payment/EFT details when switching payment methods.

Allow EFT files do be generated on Linux without require external scripts. EFT files are now always generated with Windows style line feeds/carriage returns.

Stocktake number not displaying on stocktake sheets when reprinted.
When using auto signoff stock items with multiple bins where some are not counted and the other items total to the stock on hand, the items are incorrectly dropped from the stock take.


Goods Received receipt detail screen will always show when pressing 'Detail' button.

Reports using Transaction Code and/or Date will no longer generate the "Illegal character in date" error.


Add more defaults to purchase order header.
Add the ability to add catalog items quickly to purchase order.

Allow invoice enquiry on invoices waiting transfer.

Allow blank dates to be used as selection criteria/paramaters and printed or used in formulae in crstal reports used via the User defined report writer.


Date due default not recognised on purchase order header immediately after adding new purchase order for use by quick add.

Allow agreement details to be overwritten in requisition maintenance

Supplier maintenance to default vendor history rention based upon AP company setting

Fuel & Lubrication enhancements to cater for tanks and issue points provided by a third party or where third pary equipment is refueled.
Converted fueld & lubrication operations screens to OCS GUI standards.
Please refer to functional specification for more information.

Purchase variance authorisations to only be sent on positive variances.

Material type should default based upon catalog item in preference to supplier default.
Allow overidding of material type in material allocation, requisition maintenance & purchase order maintenance.

Abort in purchase order quick add if a reference item is added and then stocked using stock auto addition functionality.


Proforma order generation to process requisitions in line order.

Add more defaults to purchase order header.
Add the ability to add catalog items quickly to purchase order.

Resource rate not be written in work order view in the OCS user defined report writer.

Add unit cost to receiving screen.

Write authority code on take on transactions

OCS user defined report writer aborts when report is based upon the inventory transaction view.

Item enquiry purchases tab sometimes hangs.

Allow invoice enquiry on invoices waiting transfer.

The following upgrades are performed automatically :-

Modified table batdelet.

Modified table dmcomp.
Modified table manifgrp.
Modified table authgrp.
Modified table ocsauth.

Modified table taemploy
Modified table workord
Modified table resmstr
Modified table tatimcod
Modified table reqhist

Modified table reqline.

New table supweb.

Modified table deptmast
Modified table eqshdel

Modified table supplier.

Modified Table workor_t
Modified Table leaveapp


Modified table deptmast
Modified table supplier

Modified tabel sfcompny.

Modified table stkcount
New table delaycat
New table delay
Modified table invmast
Modified table equipmst
New table worktype
New table eqshhdr
New table eqshmove
New table eqshlog
New table eqshdel
Modified table fleqread
Modified table workor_t
Modified table compeft
Modified table deptmast

Modified table stkcount
Modified table stock
New table stkcnthd

Modified table flisspt
Modified table fltank

Modified table sporder
Modified table ordhist
Modified table Z_gtr_t

The following upgrades are to be performed manually :-

Copy new reports to OCS Client Reports directory.

Please ensure no current stock takes are in progress. All stock takes must be completed before running this upgrade.