External Condition Import



The OCS applications have the ability to load External conditions from file. This is useful where condition information must be loaded from a third party application/program such as a production monitoring system. To do this the external condition file must be in a certain format. This format could be provided by the third party application or may have to be converted using a conversion tool/script/program. 

External Condition File Format

The External Condition file format follows the standard OCS file format guidelines. Refer to the "OCS Standard File Format Guidelines" knowledge base article for this information. NOTE: Only the Fixed File Format is supported for the External Condition File.

Unless otherwise indicated all fields left justified, alphanumeric and are mandatory. Fields indicated numeric are Right Justified and the length includes the number of decimal places and the decimal point. All date fields are in the format CCYYMMDD. All fields are uppercase characters (OCS will convert them to uppercase without reporting an error if required).

Most fields correspond to fields entered in the condition monitoring input screen. Comments are only made if some restriction or other important note must be made about the field.

The format of the file is:

Field Length Comments
Equipment 24 Either Equipment or Node is Required (but not both)
Node 24 Either Equipment or Node is Required (but not both). Matches the name of the equipment as per the external program/application. If supplied this node must be defined Equipment Node ID Cross Ref screen.
Condition 4 The condition code. Mandatory if equipment is used. If Node is used then this may be left blank. If blank it must be defined Equipment Node ID Cross Ref screen against the Node. Must be a valid condition code for the equipment.
MeterReading 8 Numeric Field. 1 decimal place.
ReadingDate 8 Date Field.
ReadingTime 4 Optional. If defined the system ensure this reading is not a duplicate.